What consumers are saying about our software:

“It has all the information that you could ask for.  I thought back to when I was first starting the mortgage process, when I didn't understand the difference between APR and interest rate. The answers are there, right where they should be if you want to know them.”

“I think it's awesome, its usability, the quick response.”

“It is very informative and gives a clear explanation of the costs that will be incurred over the time of the loan.”

“Wow. This is a perfect tool that reduces the stress of refinancing.”

“The graphs are a great visual and I like that instantly I had info on exactly how much interest I have and exactly how much I would be saving.”


After getting feedback, we asked consumers: "What would you think of the professional you are working with if they used this product?"


“I would appreciate receiving all of the info, and would likely choose to do business with someone like this over someone that gives me paper.”

“It is a very inviting and warm approach.”

“That they were really trying to help me with understanding of the mortgage process and finding what’s best for me.”

“I would think she was being very helpful and she was comfortable with technology.”

“I would think that they have a good tool to explain the terms of the loan.”

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